Diganta Biswa Sarma
Sahutya Akademi (Translation) Awardee

I first met Dr. Ranjan Kalita perhaps in the last part of 2018 when I was invited by the teacher's unit of the Rangapara College to speak on India's Yogic tradition and psychology.

The first thing that I could feel was a sense of creative zeal and enthusiasm and a living aspiration in Dr. Kalita to do something which is at once innovative as well as fruitful and genuinely essential for the College where he has been serving as the newly appointed Principal since last couple of months.

His students centric attitude in his administrative approach is another aspect of his personality which always draws my attention. This side of his personality needs to be highlighted so that this attitude could become the order of the day across the state College administrative culture in Assam.

His collaborative approach with the stuff and the students and the faculties as well as with that of society at large is indeed commendable. I am a personal witness to many such occasions that testify this side of attitude in the personality of Dr. Kalita.

His sense of commitments to social responsibility is marked by the various loudable efforts and initiatives undertaken by his College during Covid Pandemic period and has already been highly appreciated by all concerned.

Within a very short period of assumption of his office of the Principal, Rangapara College, the College could successfully introduce science stream which is a distinctive mark of his able administrative skill and creative talent and a clear sign of his academic commitment towards the College he has been serving sincerely since last couple of years.Besides and parallelly, the College has already been marching ahead with various co-curricular activities under his able and dynamic leadership.

I visited the College last on 24th of January 2022 as a Speaker invitee on INDIA'S VISION OF EDUCATION. By organising such types of seminars and lectures on issues of national importance in such interior place, not only has he been silently contributing towards Nation- building process, he has been successful too in drawing attention of the elite section of the society as an academic administrator with a sense of national consciousness.